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The first issue of Hip Mama was published in December, 1993, in Oakland, California, by the founding editor Ariel Gore as a forum for single, urban and feminist mothers. Hip Mama has been called “fun and irreverent” by USA Today, ”delightful” by Glamour, and “cutting-edge” by the Chicago Tribune. The magazine grew up alongside Gore’s daughter, covering subjects from weaning to home schooling with humor and political edge. Ariel’s pregnancy and parenting books, The Hip Mama Survival Guide (Hyperion, 1998), The Mother Trip (Seal Press, 2000), and Whatever, Mom (Seal Press, 2004), have been called “Terrific and important” (San Francisco Chronicle), and “revolutionary” (The Seattle Times). Gore edited Hip Mama for 15 years. After a 5-year hiatus, she’s back at the helm, relaunching to magazine with a 20th anniversary issue in 2014.   hipmama_logo Credits: Ariel Gore, Editor/Publisher Victoria Law, Political Editor Maia Swift, Art Director Deena Chafetz, Food Editor Justina Petrichor, Margaret Garcia, Contributing Editors Gloria Malone, Tomas Moniz, Rhea Wolf, Columnists Founding Mamas: Amy Lynne Watson of Whole Mama-Whole Child, Jessica Allan, LauraLee Wells, Shonda Rhimes of Shondaland TV.


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  1. Do you have any paid positions or interns? I have an idea for a column. How do I submit the idea and sample? Thank you.

  2. Hi!

    I tried to order your magazine via Ingram for my store, but they told me that they do not distribute it. Can I just order it directly from you? If so, would it be possible to just start w/ 5 instead of 10? Would be happy to pay for postage.

    Left the message here b/c I didn’t see a contact email.

  3. I remember your forums when I was pregnant and my kids were babies. I feel like that kind of support would be nice now that they are teenagerish.

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