Reveal All Fear Nothing

How many anal sex scenes did Madison Young have to perform to keep her feminist art space open?

Madison Young’s New Theater & Performance Piece is a Winner

Tomas Moniz

sc-126437-5.pngThere’s a moment in the first act of Madison Young’s new play “Reveal All Fear Nothing” during which we find ourselves engaged in a math problem. But this is no ordinary equation for the audience to solve. Madison has managed to force the audience to collectively figure out how many anal sex scenes she had to perform to keep her feminist art space open. Then, to push the problem further, she asked us to consider how she saw her everyday living expenses in relation to this new currency as well.

It’s a powerful thing she’s done: in one moment demonstrated how economics is actually the selling of our bodies and encouraged us to ponder the dilemma of being a socially conscious feminist artist working in mainstream porn industries. After a beat, she shared that during that time of her career she supported over 500 feminist art shows through her work. We all cheered! But Madison’s new show is about so much more than numbers; it’s about facing fears and making mistakes and discovering what you love and reclaiming sex and fun. Really the play is about fun.

At one point Madison declares after sharing with us a voiceover cacophony of derogatory things she’s been called that she came out of it “a winner.” And the audience agreed.

Last show in San Francisco tonight:

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