Good news! Hip Mama ( submissions are open again. Please welcome our guest submissions editor, Kerry Joyce.

Kerry is a longtime Hip Mama, lives on the Oregon Coast with her 10-year daughter and husband, & works in healthcare. In her spare time she participates in Ariel Gore’s Literary Kitchen writing workshops and is currently working on a young adult fiction project.

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  1. I am so thrilled to see you back in the tall seat at Hip Mama, Ariel! I have been inspired, enraged, enthralled and encouraged by the content of your zine since my first, now 17, was just a small boy. I used to love your calendars at the start of the zine, and sort of feel like I watched both you AND your daughter grow up as I raised my own boys. I was also fortunate enough to attend a reading of yours when you toured for The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show many years ago–you were as brilliant and witty in person as you are in print.

    Anyway, just wanted to spread the love and welcome you Home. Maybe I’ll drum up an entry and send it your way !

  2. How wonderful to have Kerry Joyce as guest submissions editor at Hip Mama! I loved writing with Kerry in the Kitchen, loved reading her work and am absolutely thrilled for all of us that Kerry will be working with our work. Brilliant!

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