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  1. Hi Ariel,

    I just read a great write up on Hip Mama on Refinery 29 and wanted to connect with you. I am launching a Kickstarter for a cooking show that I am producing and I wanted to see what you thought of it! The show is centered around fathers who are the center piece of cooking for their families. I know your site is geared towards mothers, but I think the central message of this show is really in line with the Hip Mama vision.

    I’m not a professionally trained chef I just spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my Mom and Grandma growing up and learned a few things here and there. Now I do most of all the cooking in the house. My wife never complains!

    I figured since I’m in the production business why not shoot the pilot and see what happens. So we did! Dads started sending in their information to be on the show and we shot 6 Episodes, launched our interactive website, got our social media rocking and things just keep getting better!

    We just received a Letter of Intent from PBS that they are interested in a National Distribution of Dads That Cook after seeing our initial DVD screener.

    PBS wants to launch the series on Fathers Day 2014, which will be awesome! However, we need to deliver all 13 episodes by May 1, 2014, which means we still need to shoot the other 7 Dads and edit them together! Not a problem getting them done in time!! But… PBS doesn’t pay us to produce the show, it’s up to us to raise the money and make that happen! So we’ve turned to Kickstarter for the last oomph of support to get our shows edited and delivered to PBS.

    We’d love to work with you guys to do some cross promotion on our site, if you feel it would be a topic worth writing about on Hip Mama. Let me know what you think! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

  2. I have to withdraw a submission that I sent to you that is going to appear elsewhere. It was an essay called “Just Like Normal” and I sent it to you on 10/11/13.

  3. I homeschooled four children and am passionate about this lifestyle, so much I wrote an ebook sharing my ideas. Please check out my website read the blogs and let me know if I can write an article for the magazine. Another project I am starting is in the area of work force development for people of all ages and backgrounds.

  4. I am so thrilled to see you back in the tall seat at Hip Mama, Ariel! I have been inspired, enraged, enthralled and encouraged by the content of your zine since my first, now 17, was just a small boy. I used to love your calendars at the start of the zine, and sort of feel like I watched both you AND your daughter grow up as I raised my own boys. I was also fortunate enough to attend a reading of yours when you toured for The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show many years ago–you were as brilliant and witty in person as you are in print.

    Anyway, just wanted to spread the love and welcome you Home. Maybe I’ll drum up an entry and send it your way !

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