Brand new! The Art Life Coloring Book by Ariel Gore

It’s here! I made this 28-page coloring book while I was on book tour for We Were Witches. Drawing the images made me feel less anxious about talking to people I didn’t know. Coloring the images in has the same effect, so I think you’ll like it. 5″ x 7″ sweet size for stockings!

$7 includes U.S. Shipping




New! We Were Witches: A Novel by Ariel Gore from The Feminist Press

Michelle Tea calls We Were Witches “A new feminist classic penned by one of the culture’s strongest authors at her most experimental and personal.”

$18 includes U.S. Shipping.




New! Notes & Spells Scout Book

Keep your We Were Witches Notes & Spells book in your pocket at all times! It’s mostly blank, and includes just enough magical instruction & inspiration to keep you going. Sweet 3 1/2″ x 5″ size makes it the perfect stocking stuffer. Just saying
$5 includes U.S. shipping

New! Hybridity: For Beachcombers Who are Tired of Performing Normal

This magical, limited edition zine by Ariel Gore has bonus “Surrealism for Beginners” writing assignments in the back.
Just a few left!
$4 includes U.S. shipping.

The End of Eve: A Memoir by Ariel Gore from Hawthorne Books

Winner of a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award, winner of a Rainbow Award, finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, named one of the best memoirs of the year by Library Journal . . .
Tom Spanbauer says, “The way Ariel puts human emotion on the page is an act of poetry damn close to sublime.”
$16 includes U.S. shipping.
Canada! We love you. And we need a little postage support. Please add a $2 Canadian postage booster for all orders shipping to Canada.
(If you need overseas shipping, please email arielfiona at gmail dot com.)


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  1. 3 to 4 issues are printed each year — we’re easing back into a quarterly schedule — but you get 4 issues with your $20 ($35 international) subscription no matter how long it takes us to get them out.

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  4. Hi:

    I just ordered a subscription but Paypal wouldn’t let me use my South Korean address. I provided my address in Seoul in the note to seller and requested delivery to same. Please ensure my subscription gets delivered to Seoul!

    Thanks! (I left the message here because I didn’t see a contact email. Please let me know if I should send an email).

  5. Hello! I’m in the same boat as Barbara above. :-) I just placed an order for an International subscription to Hip Mama (starting with #55, the uncensored breastfeeding cover – yay!). My Paypal wouldn’t let me input my International address though, so the one that shows up is my US address. I would actually like it sent to me in New Zealand though, please. I didn’t think to put the correct address in the comments (I thought I’d be taken back to the subscription page so I could enter the info), but I sent an email to the address that paypal provided. I’m hoping that is sufficient as, like Barbara, I don’t see any other place to contact you on the website.

    Would you please confirm that you are able to update my account with the correct address?
    Thank you so much!

  6. No problem — you can communicate with me directly re address changes or what-have-you — arielgore at earthlink dot net — it’s easier for me if the word “subscription” is in the subject line, but no worries if it’s not. I will make sense of your order.

  7. I would like to know if my credit card info went through. I tried paying for a subscription and for Issue#55 but I didn’t receive confirmation. Can you please notify me if I have to try to use my card again? Thank you
    Hopefully a New Member! :)

  8. HIya hipmama. so happy to see that y’all are back in action. I have a question and couldn’t figure out how else to get in touch with you. I just ordered a subscription and a t-shirt. Got both, but I don’t like the t-shirt. I’m not sure if I don’t like the cut or if it just doesn’t fit me right. So I was wondering if I could order (and pay for) a medium and then send back the one that I didn’t like and if I didn’t like either if I could send both back and get a rad dad subscription and/or up the hip mama subscription to two years in exchange for the shirt/s? I would of course pay the fee for the second shirt and shipping and return shipping. Please let me know if that sounds reasonable to you.
    thanks :)

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  11. Hello!
    I was wondering if I could order a single issue of the current breast-feeding one? I saw your magazine at a restaurant in Washington D.C. and have been unable to locate it anywhere in Minnesota. Could you please let me know if it is possible to order single issues and/or independent bookstores in MN that may carry your magazine?
    Thank you!

  12. I work at the women’s center at UCSC. It would be wonderful to get a couple free copies so I can show my adminstrators how wonderful this could be as a resource.

    I did hear that you will be in the santa cruz area soon.

    cheers, tam

    Address: ucsc, 1156 high street santa cruz ca

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